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Why come and see us?

We listen to people who are tired of drugs and surgery.

The Maulfair Medical Center helps people of all ages-all conditions and we believe our patients are the most important aspect of our medical practice.

Dr. Maulfair is an Osteopathic Physician who brings four decades of knowledge and experience in alternative, complementary medicine to his patient care. Dr. Maulfair is certified in family practice and radiology. Trained in traditional and alternative disciplines, Dr. Maulfair brings the best of both worlds to his patients.

Dr. Maulfair has a track record of success because he

  • listens to his patients
  • makes them a partner in healing
  • offers traditional medical treatments when called for
  • cares for his patients with non-drug approaches to healing first instead of last
  • helps people regain good health with nutrient based medical treatments
  • avoids the pitfalls of too many drugs or frequent surgeries.

The Maulfair Medical Center provides health care to all ages, we are a family medical center. We start with extensive diagnostic work that patients rave about.

We use diagnostic testing that actually shows you how your body is functioning. With a complete picture of your current health status, and the determination of the underlying causes of your symptoms, we utilize special treatment plans that improve your immune system and return you to good health with minimal reliance on drugs. We get results. People feel and look younger and more importantly, they regain their health.

If you want to regain your energy and vitality and age gracefully; or if you want to remain as healthy as you are now, come and visit us. Our Executive Director, Coleen Maulfair will happily give you a tour and you can talk with our patients, or schedule to attend one of our health education seminars given in our auditorium. Give Coleen a call at our main number. 610-682-2104.

We will help you solve your health problems when you come and join one of the most exciting family medical centers in Eastern Pennsylvania. Dr. Maulfair awaits your arrival so he can do something he loves to do, educate his patients and provide practical medical care that works.

Thirty years ago Dr. Maulfair cared enough to listen to his patients who demanded real health care and fewer drugs and less surgery. He listened, he changed.

Dr. Maulfair and his staff are trained in conventional medical practice with additional clinical experience in alternative treatment of chronic problems. We offer cutting edge medical treatments for the best of both worlds in medical care.

Dr. Maulfair's tradition of caring and listening to his patients means he takes the time to find the underlying reasons why your body is not in tip top health.

Dr Conrad Maulfair
Dr. Maulfair, an osteopathic physician, is certified in family practice and radiology, with 40 years of experience. His patients say, "He listens and cares about you."

Every moment of your life, your body is trying to remain healthy and balanced, Homeostasis. So why aren't you feeling great? Why aren't you full of energy?
Healthy? That is what you need to find out.

Dr. Maulfair and the staff of our medical center use diagnostic tools that are meaningful and find basic causes of your ailments. We look at body basics.

When we find the real causes for your condition we help you address them. Avoiding the use or over use of drugs, we help your body return to normal function with treatments that support your body's NATURAL efforts to be healthy.

We understand toxic influences that block your health, including heavy metal toxicity. We understand digestion and dysbiosis. We understand minerals, vitamins and body basics. We know every prescription drug is considered by the body to be toxic to some degree and often damaging. You can avoid adverse drug reactions in our center.

Join our medical practice for the best of both worlds in medicine.

Don't settle for the same old answers of drugs and surgery. Give yourself a chance to heal, with real results. You deserve the best.

Whether you refer to this type of medicine as alternative or complementary or integrative medicine you will receive help from licensed professionals who get results.

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Be energetic, active, happy and strong!


Our patients have this to say:

"Seven months ago I came to your center feeling fatigued, depressed, overweight and altogether lousy. Today I am feeling and looking great. I have lost over 65 pounds, am energetic and most importantly a happy and healthy person. A very big thanks to both of you and your kind staff." B.G.

"Today, the numbness is almost gone from my legs and left arm and my fatigue has improved. This has been a blessing to be able to gain back some of my health that had been taken away." D.K.

Writing about her mother, "There is a noticeable improvement in alertness, increased ability to maintain her balance, significant reduction in the amount of edema of the ankles." P.H.

"I am feeling great! I haven't had a headache, fatigue or other symptoms in months." C.T.

"I haven't felt this good in 15 years. I want everybody to feel as good as I do that is why I tell everybody to come here and see DR Maulfair. He's the best and he knows what he's doing." R.P.

"I had cardiovascular disease for years. Angina problems kept me on nitroglycerin. No more angina. My blood pressure is down and my energy level is much improved. My great grand children can't believe how I can keep up with them." P.C.