Mauflair Medical Center

Success Stories


I was an asthma patient for many years. I was 24 years old when I got my first attack of asthma.

I came to the Maulfair Medical Center in May for help with my asthma. I was always tired and didn't feel like doing anything.

My husband first introduced me to Chelation Therapy when he was seeking help from an unsuccessful prostate surgery. He returned again to Chelation Therapy to seek help for a respiratory condition. He was diagnosed and treated for asthma without success. Three weeks after starting Chelation again he was able to drop all medicine and inhalers for the asthma.

Vastly Improved.

After taking fifteen Chelation Therapy treatments and supplements prescribed at the Maulfair Medical Center my sinus condition has improved.

The first day I saw Dr. Maulfair I complained of allergies, sinusitis and insomnia.

The summer was drawing to an end and school was about to begin. I was looking forward to beginning a new school with new people, a new beginning. Suddenly I began to get terrible headaches every day, to the point that I was barely able to move my head.

I've been plagued with chronic sinus problems for over 20 years and have seen numerous conventional doctors in an attempt to alleviate sporadic symptoms which included postnasal drip, tinnitus, dizziness, nauseousness, impaired vision and violent vomiting.