Mauflair Medical Center

Success Stories


I HAVE DIABETES. I developed diabetic macular edema in both eyes. The Eye doctor started giving me shots in both eyes. They would start getting better for a while and they deteriorated again and I would need another shot.

I would like to share my health care experiences regarding your treatments with any people who would be considering your chelation or related services, and I do so without a demand for, or acceptance of, any type of compensation.

June 2002, I was diagnosed with PVD (peripheral vascular disease) or poor circulation of my lower legs. Test showed that there was a 98% blockage of both legs. I had ulcers on both legs which came from wounds caused by fall.

I went to see Dr____ he said, "I am putting you in the hospital", for one third of my toe was black that was 5/20/96. I told him I wanted to get Chelation Therapy and he said that it wouldn't help you. I stayed in the hospital from 5/21/96 until 5/23/96 did not anything for my third toe and while I'm there my second toe turned black and on 5/24/96 they did an angioplasty on my right leg, opened two arteries in my leg. So I signed myself out of the hospital to get Chelation.

I have been experiencing improvement in my health since starting various treatment at the Maulfair Medical Center. My blood pressure came down from around 200/98 down to 146/82 and sometimes lower.

As we enter into the 21st century it appears we continue to expand most of our fast paced elements of our lifestyles. Instant gratification, fast foods, fast cars continue to be the norm. If your car doesn't do 0-60 in 6 seconds the chances are you will be late for work and not beat the long traffic jams.

The 21st century medical culture appears to be on the same radar screen. If your office visit lasts 12 minutes you are unusually lucky. You probably leave with a pocket full of samples advertised on TV and hold your breath until your HMO or Medicare kicks in again.

In 1995 I was referred to MMC by my physician, as a last resort to surgery. I had already had bypass surgery and now the circulation in my left leg, in particular, was so poor that the doctor could not even find a pulse. I had pain in the leg and had some numbness in my foot.

When I came here August of 1999 I had no pulse in my lower right leg, varicose veins and a severe leg ulcer. I was worried I would lose my leg. A friend referred me to Dr. Maulfair.

My right leg hurt and was painful to the point at times I thought I would go right through the ceiling. I wouldn't even wish the devil that much pain. I was going to the foot doctor for six weeks and he just put salve on and wrapped it. I said I had so much pain in it but he said it would just take time to heal.

It was just three short years ago that I discovered I could no longer take a walk everyday, because actually I could not even get past my neighbors house. My family physician informed me I had a condition (vascular problem) in my legs known as intermittent claudication.

I am a 71 year old male diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure (CHF) in November of 1999 due to long term uncontrolled diabetes. After extensive testing at my local hospital, I was referred for open heart surgery at a nearby medical center that specializes in this procedure.

It's easy to write about success compared to writing about failure. As a 68 year old man, I've had my share of both, but Chelation Therapy, without a doubt, has been successful in terms of longevity and quality of life.

In 1972 I had a blood clot in my leg and became so ill everyone thought it was a miracle when I lived. There was no observable change for ten years and then in 1980 or so I started to go downhill.

After 10 chelation treatments a noticeable difference occurred in the pins and needles in my legs. They have all but disappeared.. Also, many of my arthritic aches and pains have improved.

Thanks for Chelation Therapy.
I have had diabetes for several years, and a serious problem with my feet, poor circulation and continuous pain. I was with several other doctors with no success or help.

My success story is just a very simple one. I'm from New York. When I was diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease plus diabetes I went through two bypass surgeries and even with my surgery I wasn't feeling better.

I started Chelation Therapy five weeks ago. The reason; 7,500 IR2 ions blocking pancreas causing a secondary diabetes, thus I am taking 30 units of humulin in the mornings and 15 units in the evenings.

As a 66-year-old male with long time diabetes and a cancer survivor (two-year prostate), it didn't come as any great surprise that I started to feel more tired than usual with shortness of breath and loss of appetite. Last year, however, the problem got much worse so in late October 1999, I went to my M.D. of over 25+ years and asked for a stress test, as I suspected something serious was going on.