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Success Stories


The success story that almost didn’t happen. Not because I didn’t feel better. I almost didn’t write this story because I felt so good that I couldn’t find the time to sit down and write this.

When the year 2011 began I made a resolution to improve my health. I was tired a lot of the time and had trouble getting motivated. I also had difficulty getting out of bed.

I have been going to MMC for approximately 5-6 months. When I started I was on an anti-hypertension medication, I had lost interest in my hobby, was overweight and felt tired all the time. I had no ambition to do anything after I got home from work.

Dr. Maulfair,

I am sticking my tongue out at you. When I first came to the Maulfair Medical Center my tongue was more white than pink.

About three years ago I started feeling dizzy and hungry all the time, and had constant headaches. I couldn't make it through a day at school without feeling weird.

I am 42 years old and had quite a list of health problems. For years, I worked long hours, didn't sleep or eat right, stopped exercising, and took the Birth Control pill for 23 years. I did not take care of myself.

I came to the Maulfair Medical Center after being treated by several different conventional doctors and Endocrinologists for a thyroid condition that I've had for about eleven years.

I can’t say enough THANK YOU’s to Dr. Maulfair and his staff. I went to the Maulfair Medical Center ONLY 3 weeks ago; I’ve had only 3 I.V. infusions now and I am a new woman.

The last few weeks, a lot of days I felt lousy. On 3/29/05 Dr. Maulfair recommended two nutritional intravenous treatments.

I came to Dr. Maulfair feeling pretty restless, heart palpitations, chest pain and a general dullness all over. Results of testing showed candida and low white blood count.

This has been great. I was having somatics here and there and my energy level would go along and then suddenly drop on me leaving me weak and tired-my energy is now not only sustained but at a higher level than before and it does not suddenly drop off.

After only light (8) chelation therapy treatments I have experienced great results. My attitude has changed (less stress). I am having less trouble with leg cramps.

I am very pleased with the Maulfair Medical Center and staff. I decided to try alternative medicine in August of 2002 because for years I was always tired; I had developed exercise induced asthma, acid reflux and have suffered from migraine headaches since about age 15 and I'm 51 now.

I have been on Vitamin C and nutrient treatment on June 10th and on oxidation treatment and I feel like a new woman! My energy level has increased and I have feeling of well being, of tranquility, less anxiety.

I am so excited, I can't be kept silent! I want to share the good news to give other people HOPE.

While wintering in Florida, my wife was experiencing nausea in the mornings, at first we thought it was a flu like symptom. But as it persisted over a long period of time we sought the help of a doctor. This doctor diagnosed my wife as having "high blood pressure" (after seeing this doctor only once and having her blood pressure taken once). My wife was told she had to take this medication now for the rest of her life.


It was becoming increasingly more difficult to bound out of bed. But, I was going through many changes; moved my office, got married, sold my home, moved to a new location, was getting used to my new life routine…I think that it was just after my 42nd birthday that I realized and finally admitted that something was terribly wrong.

On July 26, 2001, just 4 days before my retirement and turning age 65, I suffered a mild heart attack. Having always been active, I was very depressed with my lack of energy. My cardiologist did a catheterization, with his interpretation of the findings indicating that surgery would be very high risk. I decided to look for other options to regain my health.

In January 1998 I came to Maulfair Medical Center. I was very ill; I could not eat, sleep or even think clearly. I had lost a substantial amount of weight and most days, I could not get out of bed because of severe fatigue.

I came to the Maulfair Medical Center because I was extremely tired and I had a history of candida infection. I was placed back on the Candida program and got some relief with the Vitamin C and nutrients but my condition go worse; loss of memory, numbness, muscle tremors and weakness, saliva in corners of my mouth. I saw a nerve doctor, family doctor and chiropractor with no answers.

When I first came to the Maulfair Medical Center I had migraines, fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, nausea and bloating.

My first child was born in 1994. Months later, I became depressed, had moments of rage. Anger seemed to be just a part of my personality. My second child was born. I loved being a mom and all of the "stuff" that came with that role, however I seemed more and more discontent with how terrible I felt.

Before coming to Maulfair Medical Center I had almost given up all hope of ever feeling well again. I suffered from chronic digestive problems, coronary artery disease, and degenerative joint disease.

Today I begin my 4th treatment. The program for me is more preventative, I encouraged my mother to participate because she has hypertension and MVP (micro valve prolapse).

In 1987, I suffered a burst appendix. Due to a series of complications, I was on antibiotics for a period of about six weeks. This led to a yeast infection (candida albicans), which went undiagnosed for about five years.