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If you're as tired of the psycho/pharmaceutical industry misleading the public about the safety and efficacy of their drugs as we are then this is the video for you. Created by the staff of CCHR International, this video announces our Psychiatric Drug Search Engine and the viewer can click the live link at the end of this video to visit the search engine themselves. We've created the ultimate resource for the public containing all psychiatric drug warnings, studies and adverse reaction reports filed with the US FDA, in one easy to search online resource. Watch "Psychiatric Drugs-Search Warnings, Studies, & Side Effects"

Are you interested in detoxification?
Please see this video illustrating the results that are possible with thorough detoxification as offered in our center. here.

U.S. Government Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Why Hair Analysis in Clinical Practice?

Psychiatric Meds 101: A Surprising Discovery
Click on the link to see the slideshow, and read the article by Shane Ellison, Award-winning Chemist/Scientist

Case Histories, Heart Disease & Diabetes

Call it disease or not?
Video from CCHR: The Difference Between Medical Disease & Psychiatric Disorder

Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine

Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine

This video shows the difference between a physical disease and a psychiatric mental "disorder".

Dr. Niall McLaren, Practicing psychiatrist, 22 years, explains what's wrong with Psychiatry.

CCHR Awards National TV News Journalist for Exposing the Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs
CCHR awards Fox News correspondent, Douglas Kennedy for his investigations into the link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings.

Regarding Jeremy Perkins

Radio Interview with Dr. Maulfair