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Success Stories


I have had a Lyme infection for 8 years. I have improved a great deal with the treatments up to the time I decided to do the sauna program, but I felt the best thing to do would be to take any and all steps needed to maximize my chances of improved health.

After a year of being misdiagnosed, wasting time, thousands of dollars and watching my health deteriorate I was feeling completely defeated and hopeless…then a friend referred me to Dr. Maulfair.

I have been coming to the M.M.C. for almost one year now. Over the years, I had chronic fatigue, depression, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

When I came to the Maulfair Medical Center I felt that things weren’t right with my body for quite some time. I had a list of a lot of things that just seemed to get longer with each passing year.

I have been coming to the Maulfair Center for about 2 months now. There are a few items or issues I wanted resolved. One of these was always being congested and not being able to smell or taste anything for a year or so.

Once again, my deepest thanks and gratitude to Dr. Maulfair (and staff) for getting me back on the track after a nasty bout with Lyme disease.

Before coming to Maulfair Medical Center I had almost given up all hope of ever feeling well again. I suffered from chronic digestive problems, coronary artery disease, and degenerative joint disease.

In July of 2008 I contacted the medical center and requested an appointment for the carotid artery scan. The results showed that I had the arteries of a 77 years old man.

I was not able to do any work at all for over a month after having the flu for two weeks.

Since taking this treatment I am doing much better; doing my laundry and general housework which I was a month behind in. I am gradually feeling better and hope to get back to normal in a few weeks.

L.T. December 8, 2008

Having trouble with my digestive tract, losing weight, bags under my eyes, weak, my mind and body not working together etc.

After just the first two weeks of oxidative and nutritional intravenous treatments I've already experienced an increase in energy and relief from chronic sinusitis and esophageal spasms. Thank you!!

D.E. December 2008

Celiac Disease. I never heard of it before being diagnosed by a digestive disease doctor. I was told to follow a wheat and gluten free diet. After 4 months had passed I was still having symptoms.

The combination of Oxidative intravenous treatments and prescription antifungal medicine has substantially improved my symptoms associated with systemic candidiasis.

Abdominal tenderness is resolving, joint pain is minimizing, energy conversion is improving and brain fog is clearing.

I'm anxious to arrive at the age of 40. I am 52 now.

D.E. December 2008

I came to Dr. Maulfair in May of 2003. I came here because I knew that Dr. Maulfair was the kind of doctor I was looking for. I wanted a doctor that would find out why I was not feeling like I should.

After several years of dealing with insomnia and feeling depressed I was tired of my doctor pushing drugs on me that I didn't want to take.

After nearly destroying my body by smoking for about thirty years, I became sick with Grave's disease, the name very fitting indeed, and received radiation treatment for that disease.

I have had on Vitamin C and nutrient treatment on June 10th and on oxidation treatment and I feel like a new woman!

Not having taken very good care of myself for the first 64 years, I figured that I had better start doing something to improve my health.

I had taken a few Chelation Treatments before I learned Dr. Maulfair. Dr. Maulfair's program is much more entailed that just IV treatments and since I enrolled in his clinic, I feel like a new person.

The start of the year was my introduction to Chelation. My problem was of the heart; tired, short of breath, no pep.

At the age of fifty-five I had a triple bypass, for the last ten years I've been on a variety of medicines that were to help with my high cholesterol.

As I approach my 78th birthday I feel grateful to Dr. Maulfair and staff for the guidance received that I may walk the road of good health. The attitude that one size fits all is never the prescribed method is wonderful. My uniqueness is always a part of the consideration when planning a program.

Through planned diet, supplements, exercise, chelation and nutritional therapy I rebounded from a bout with fungus infection and shingles. Thanks for all the help these past seventeen years. I would suggest we all be open to the many possibilities of life presents.

© H.H.
October 2002