Mauflair Medical Center

Success Stories


I would like to share my health care experiences regarding your treatments with any people who would be considering your chelation or related services, and I do so without a demand for, or acceptance of, any type of compensation.

I had very high blood pressure and a mini stroke and I was on the verge of congestive heart failure.

In 2001 I had a catheter test at Reading Hospital and was found to have 3 blocked arteries. One 50%. one 70% and one 80% blocked.

One day I couldn’t get out of my car seat because of a previous back injury. So I drove myself to Dr. Maulfair’s office. In about an hour I was walking out without any pain.

Several years ago I began having chest pains. I went to a reputable hospital in Washington DC that specializes in heart problems.

June 2004, I was 63 years old, not feeling very well, sluggish, dizzy spells (2), some shortness of breath. Also two slight stabs of pain in left chest.

At the age of fifty-five I had a triple bypass, for the last ten years I've been on a variety of medicines that were to help with my high cholesterol. For years I stayed away from red meats, eggs and the likes. I did everything that I could to bring my cholesterol down.

In July of 98, I had a heart attack. I was informed that I had three arteries with over 90% blockage and that I had to have a bypass operation.

Chelation treatments have helped me a great deal. I have done Chelation with the Maulfair Medical Center since 1989.

In August of 1999 I had a mechanical aortic valve implanted. In May of 2003 I had a new type artery stent implanted. The reason for both of these procedures was, I had impaired breathing.

After undergoing two separate triple bypass heart operations (1986 & 1997) and then encountering some additional difficulties, two doctors (MD) approached me separately and told me that there are other ways to approach the problem.

Before coming to Maulfair I suffered from angina attacks, because of location of the blockage I was a poor candidate for surgery.

I was diagnosed as having congestive heart failure in November of 1999. Scheduled for catheterization but had read of Chelation Therapy and then got first hand information from a friend.

My husband dragged me to Dr. Maulfair's office- I was fighting him all the way. But what happened next… I was recuperating from my second triple bypass on my heart and was spending 99% of my day in a wheel chair.

One year ago, after experiencing a dull ache in my chest, I underwent a catheterization procedure and was diagnosed as having a 60 to 70 percent blockage in two arteries and a 100 percent blockage in another.

On July 26, 2001, just 4 days before my retirement and turning age 65, I suffered a mild heart attack. Having always been active, I was very depressed with my lack of energy.

Before coming to the Maulfair Medical Center, my health was at its worst. A 63 year old man, I was told that I couldn't expect too much, seeing my body was wearing out. I told one doctor that I felt I had one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave.