Mauflair Medical Center


  Food sensitivity testing
  The Alliance for Natural Health USA
  Association of American Physicians
  Citizen's Council for Health Freedom
  Body Enlightenment. Treat yourself to useful information to be as healthy as you can.
  Allergy Research Group Nutrient Provider

Alcer Corp. Providing various health products


Davinci Laboratories. Nutrient Provider

  Doctor's Data Laboratory.
  Douglas Laboratories. Nutrient Provider
  Ecological Formulas. Nutrient Provider

Great Smokies
Diagnostic Laboratory.

Gwen Olsen. Website of past pharmaceutical drug representative
  American Academy of Environmental Medicine.
International College of Integrative Medicine.
  The Doctor's Medical
Library Network.
  Clear Body Clear Mind
  Sauna Detoxification Program.

sludgenews. Environmental Concerns and Warning, Sludge.

  New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.
  Solutions for a polluted
and drugged world.
  Children's Health Environmental Coalition.
Learn how to protect your own kids.
  Citizens Commission
on Human Rights.
  Citizens Commission
on Human Rights.
Save an innocent child
from becoming a casualty
of psychiatric drugging
and abuse.
  Critics, who are they?
  Drug Education and Detoxification.
Autism Research
Institute (DAN)

Defeat Autism Now!
  Parents for Label and Drug Free Education.
  For the Mind.
  Your Guide to the World of
Alternative Mental Health.

Mighty Microboes. Home of the best probiotics available for human health and environmental use.


Miller Pharmacal Group Inc. Nutrient Provider

  Organic South Inc. Home of Neem Oil for human and environmental uses
  Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality. Nutrient Provider and home of Calm and Cal/Mag formulas
  Vital Nutrients. Nutrient Provider providing extensive testing of raw ingredients for safety
  Effective Environmental Solutions. Offering mighty microbes for pet health, food presevation and garden and farm applications
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